Five Simple Steps To More Blog Traffic

So, you are likely reading this because you either have started a blog you want more visitors to, or you are considering gearing one up but you want to be sure to have readers so you are not spinning your wheels and words alone. In either case, this article is going to help you. The following paragraphs are full of helpful hints to drawing more visitors to your blog in the hopes some stay to become loyal readers.

Make sure that your content is optimized for search engines. Submit your site to at least Google and Bing for indexing so they know you exist. Do not worry about Yahoo!, as it is now run by Bing’s engine and on a rapid decline. Know what keywords are applicable to your topic or subject and then sprinkle them throughout your posts.

Find out where online your likely readers are spending their time. Advertise there. Put a link to your blog in a post signature and get active in relevant forums. Also put a link to your blog in all of your email signatures.

Communicate with other blogs in your niche. See if the webmaster is willing to trade links between sites. Even better yet is to guest post on other blogs and let others do the same on yours. It creates crossovers between audiences, and a polite thing to do is to allow backlinks at the end of the guest blog post.

Make videos related to your blogging. Host them on YouTube, but also have them on your blog. Having a related image gallery is a good thing to do too. Not all searching is text searches anymore. Image and video searching is also now big, so take advantage of it. If you are really creative, you might just create a video that goes at least a little viral and garners some attention from corners of the Internet you did not even know existed.

Promote your blog via social networking sites, primarily Facebook and Twitter. Make sure both profiles get updated whenever you have a new blog entry, both to get human attention and to have search engine backlinks. On Twitter, use appropriate hashtags for attention. Use Facebook as the place where you actively communicate with your readers and have conversations about your blog. Having comments enabled on your blog is an okay idea, but people are far more social on Facebook. Just make sure that if you allow comments on your blog itself to monitor and manage them for offensive content. Relative anonymity makes some folks feel free to post whatever thoughts float through their head. Your readers reflect your blog, so make sure only mature posts are allowed.

No matter how great a writer you think you are, your content will not get shared and spread like wildfire unless at least a few people see your blog. Do not rely on creativity alone to hope your blog reaches the stratosphere of a crowded Internet genre. Apply these ideas to make sure your blog gets noticed.

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