Is Your Site Properly Optimized and Ready to be Launched?

Launching a new site is very exciting, but you should make sure your site is properly optimized with the best SEO techniques. You can use this article as a checklist before your site goes online.

Do you have enough strong keywords throughout your content? You should have around five strong keywords that correspond to a high search volume from your target audience. Your meta tags, URLs, titles, and anchor links should contain these keywords and your content should of course be relevant to these keywords. Do not consider your brand as a keyword yet; it might take some time for your site to get popular enough for people to look up your brand on search engines.

Check all of your links. All of them should be properly optimized with strong keywords in the anchor text, and they should take Internet users to the right page. A broken link could cost you a lot of traffic, especially if it is an important link to a page where you sell your products. You also need to share links to your site on blogs, message boards and have other webmasters and bloggers share your links if you can. Make sure you use the right URL when you create these back-links.

Your site should contain a decent amount of content. Do not expect to be successful after launching a site that contains three pages. You need to have detailed reviews of your products and a fair amount of content related to your products and topic when you launch your site. Search engine spiders will be able to tell that your site is relevant if this content is well-organized and optimized with strong keywords, and human visitors will read through your content if you have quality advice to offer.

Create links from one page of your site to the others, and optimize these links with keywords. These links should also be relevant: Add links from one article to a similar one, or from a product page to another product your customers frequently buy together. These links should be helpful to your readers and give them more information on their topic of interest. You also need to create a well-organized menu so that the main pages of your site can be accessed. If you want to bring more visitors to a specific page, create a banner or place a link to it in a visible spot on all your pages.

Give your site enough time. Having your site optimized before you launch it is important, but you will get good results over the long run. Keep looking for ways to get more back-links on other popular sites or blogs and stay up to date with trends, especially regarding keywords. You will have to update your site regularly with quality content and make minor changes. Keep track of your results with a good visit counter tool to find out how many people see your site and which back-links and keywords bring the most visitors.

Go over this article again right before you launch your site and do a few modifications if necessary. Keep track of your results and always look for new ways to improve your SEO techniques.

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