Keys to Starting a Successful Blog

There are thousands and thousands of blogs out there, but since people keep starting them, there must be some sort of benefit. And there is — a blog can help you spread the word about an exciting new service or product, get your ideas out there on a variety of topics, or just allow you to have fun with some writing. Not everyone knows how to start a successful blog, so if you want a loyal readership, start with the tips in this article.

Why are you writing this blog? Are you sharing expertise about rare coins? Are you running fiction contests? Do you want to talk about the escapades of the 1950 Philadelphia Phillies? Knowing your purpose will help you plan the way that you write. The types of articles you place in your blog, the formats you choose, and even the style of your writing will follow your subject matter. Once you’ve made this decision, everything else will work smoothly.

SEO (search engine optimization) is what will either send your blog to the next level or keep it in the cobwebs. There are free SEO search websites that will help you identify key phrases and words that people are searching for with regard to your topic. If you don’t feel comfortable with those, there are paid SEO search sites that will help you as well. In either event, use the results of your research to make your blog leapfrog the rest.

Always do your best to write in proper English. This doesn’t just mean good spelling, but solid grammar must be used too. If you can’t do this, outsource the writing tasks. Websites like Elance will let you place your projects out for bids, and writers will make offers to do your work for you. Piece out the work if you’re uncomfortable with English grammar, so that your blog looks professional.

Keep the content of your blog fresh. Let your readers know when new content will be available, so they can come back and read some of it. If your writing is effective, your readers will be waiting for the next installment. This is a good sign, but also a responsibility for you — because it means that you must regularly produce. If you can keep to a regular schedule, all the better for your readers — and for you.

If you want readers to keep coming back to your blog, then you want to give them a forum where they can express their opinions. Let readers post comments, and publish the ones that are suitable. You will want to put in some sort of screening feature — either by you moderating the comments before publication or at least making it bot proof by putting the secret words up for people who leave comments to enter as part of the publishing process. If your blog starts a conversation, it will be even more popular.

Really, blogging can be fairly simple. The task is to put content out there that readers will want to see. Start with these tips and see how successful your blog becomes.

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