Organize Your Site in 8 Simple Steps

Not only do site owners have to perform the proper SEO via keywords and such to increase their rankings, but they still have to ensure that their websites are appealing to users. This means that your site has to be attractive and properly formatted. Check out some organizational tips to help you achieve your goals.

Categories are a great way to separate your content and to add a wonderful flow to your site. If you have a sufficient amount of content or products on your website, the odds are great that not everything belongs in the same category. By breaking it up, you’re creating a much cleaner interface and are allowing users to have an easier time finding what they’re looking for.

It’s not enough that you only optimize your homepage correctly. You also want to optimize every single page on your site. And not only for the search engines, but also for what you’re selling. If you’re selling a product, that is your entire goal. Every single page of your website should be carefully created with that unchanging goal in mind.

One of the main reasons you use keywords in SEO is that a visitor is going to find your site through typing something into a search bar and not your website’s domain. This means that someone finding your site could find it on any page. They may not always come in on They may come in on In this instance, you need to make sure that every page is welcoming.

A top-down categorization, i.e. a list, creates a simple, attractive flow that anyone can follow. Even someone brand new to your website will quickly understand how to navigate their surroundings. This is what you want. A side-to-side or sporadic layout is going to be confusing and hard to gauge.

There’s really no better way to provide a clearer picture of what your site is about than actually using pictures! Using thumbnails (there are many thumbnail-creating resources out there) can allow a visitor to see exactly what it is you want them to check out. It’s also an opportunity to add some more tags and keywords.

A lot of people creating websites will only focus on their main homepage. This is the wrong move. Although your most important content will always be out front (more on that later), you still need every single page on your website to be equally appealing. Don’t create everything at once. Each new page you’re planning on creating should be its own project.

If you’re selling high-definition televisions to people, then you obviously want what your site is about out in front. When someone visits your site, they shouldn’t have to read a long preamble about anything or be forced to search around for what the website’s purpose is. Whatever your site’s purpose, it needs to be listed up front.

When people are visiting your website, they’re ready to leave in about 10 seconds. Even fascinating sites cannot hold someone’s full attention. The lure of the Internet is simply too strong. Everyone has a little ADHD when browsing online. So it’s up to you to ensure that someone can get around your site easily and effectively. Your navigation needs to be simple. Everything needs to be clean and efficient.

When you’re performing SEO for your site, do not neglect to use the tips you have read above. These tips will help you keep a clean and tidy site that stands out as friendly to any user.

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