Promote Your Mobile Marketing in Face-to-Face Transactions

When you meet people in your business activities use your face-to-face interaction as an opportunity to promote your mobile marketing and make that mobile marketing more productive for your business. Use the tips below to incorporate your mobile marketing into your face-to-face business meetings.

Consider incorporating an illustration of how customers can reach you on their mobile devices at the end of a face-to-face business transaction by having your own mobile device at the ready. By showing a customer how to access your mobile site using your device, you make it easier for them to consider using your site when they’re not at your place of business.

If you decide to illustrate mobile access to your business for a customer you’re seeing face-to-face, make sure that your own device is working and that your mobile site works quickly. That way, you can show customers how it works rather than how it doesn’t work.

If your site is not reliable, don’t show the site to customers when you see them face-to-face. Devote needed time and money to make sure that your mobile marketing is easy to use and works quickly.

If you have a brick and mortar place of business, advertise your mobile sites and social media by including signs that indicate where you can be found online.

Provide services for your mobile online customers that will bring them into your place of business, such as the ability to pick up products they order from you online at your store to avoid shipping charges.

Keep traditional opportunities for customers to opt-in to your mobile marketing in your place of business such as requesting email information.

Encourage using your mobile sites by indicating where customers can provide feedback or read your blog.

If you have a blog, describe the types of subjects you cover in your blog. Simply telling customers you have a blog is frequently not specific enough to get them to pay attention so you should consider describing the additional information they can get from reading your blog.

Offer a discount for customers looking to try out your mobile sites to place orders.

Ask customers whether they’ve tried any of your mobile sites and what their experience was with them in order to determine whether your online marketing needs improvements to be more effective.

If you receive complaints about your mobile online sites when you meet with customers face to face, ask them for their email address so that you can look into their concerns and get back to them.

If you have a designated employee who handles your mobile marketing business make sure that person is accessible for customers to ask questions about your mobile marketing business. If the person is not readily available, have a phone number, email and the person’s full name for the customer to contact with any questions about your mobile marketing. If you can, offer to have your mobile marketing expert call the customer with the answer to their questions.

You can use your face-to-face meeting with customers as an opportunity to expand and improve your online presence for mobile marketing. Use the suggestions above to incorporate your mobile online goals with your face-to-face business.

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